'lift like omed' 


A pandemic is not exactly facilitative of progress in weightlifting but fear not – Lift Like Omed – REBOOT is here! Months on end with no barbell in your hands is both frustrating and destructive to the gains you’ve made, but weightlifting is a skill and, as such, very similar to riding a bike – once you can do it, you can do it forever. Getting back on the horse after a long break is not easy though and can potentially be dangerous if you are naturally impatient. We advise to ease back into it, which is easier said than done – this program represents a structure by which you can do just that.


REBOOT is a single-block protocol of four weeks’ length, designed to help you get back into progression mode. You will be doing lighter lifting and lots of mobility drills, underlined by some sub-maximal strength training, to get your central nervous system back online and firing on all cylinders.


Upon completion you will be ready to shift some real tin again, and we recommend you switch to one of our 12-week cycles right away to take advantage of the 4 weeks of preparation you’ve gone through. Having both short- and long-term plans are essential to ensure progression in our sport, so be an adult and commit yourself. You will be rewarded with sweet and steady gains before you know it.


Train hard! - Omed Alam & The Norce Team

DKK 300 / 4 weeks

DKK 400 / 4 weeks