'lift like omed' 

Mobility & AGIlity

This is a weightlifting program, biased towards improving your mobility and thereby your general agility. This program is right for you if you struggle to get into the correct positions of the Olympic lifts and their auxiliaries. Consequences of poor mobility are limiting to your ability to perform the Olympic lifts in many ways, but 2 very common examples are: Not being able to get into a deep bottom position without tipping backwards, & inability to get your head through the “window” when receiving the barbell in the jerk.


During this program, you will be working consistently, deliberately and methodically to improve your mobility and agility in the context of the Olympic lifts. Another critical component to agility is coordination, which is an important secondary focus in this program and applied through the use of e.g. slowmotion- and paused work.


This is not a yoga program, but a mobility biased weightlifting program, ensuring the transferability to the discipline you are trying to improve. This being said, we recommend you do ROMWODs before or after every session and that you spend time hanging from a pull-up bar after every session for 3 x10-30 seconds.


You should be able to finish all sessions in less than 100 minutes.


If you are in doubt whether this program is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for an assessment.


Train hard! - Omed Alam & the Norce Team


With the 3-days a week program you will get structure in your weightlifting training but still have time for other aspects of crossfit.


This is the program if you want to prioritize weightlifting and are willing to dedicate four full sessions per week

DKK 1000 / 12 weeks

DKK 1250 / 12 weeks