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REBOOT by omed alam

A pandemic is not exactly facilitative to progress in weightlifting but fear not, 'Lift Like Omed' – REBOOT is here! Months on end with no barbell in your hands is frustrating - let us help you get back on the horse and ready to commit to one of our 12-week 'Lift Like Omed' weightlifting cycles to realize your potential.

The REBOOT program is a 4-week prep-cycle designed to get you back in the saddle technically and your CNS firing on all cylinders again. 

I was born in 2000 and have been a weightlifter since 2009. Along the way I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the best coaches around, which has taught me a lot about helping other lifters reach their potential.


I have been coaching weightlifting since 2017 – both online based and in real life. My passion for programming stems from a desire to share the approaches that have made me successful in the sport of weightlifting. I want to make the system that has served me so well accessible to both weightlifters and CrossFitters in my own way.


My greatest achievements:

  • European Youth Championships 2013: bronze

  • World Junior Championships 2018: 5th place

  • Nordic Champion 9 times

  • Danish Champion 6 times

omed Alam

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WHAT You Get

Who better to structure and program your weightlifting than one of Europe’s best competitive olympic lifters? Your progress is in the best hands possible and you will have fun and get challenged in many aspects along the way.


You will get:

  • Instructional videos featuring Omed Alam for every single exercise - all with elaborate captions containing technical cues and guidelines.

  • Premium programming served on a silver platter through the best delivery system (the Truecoach app) out there.

  • All major lifts programmed by percentages of your most relevant personal bests.

  • 12 weeks of peace of mind (4 weeks with REBOOT). 

  • 3-5 sessions per week, depending on your preferences.


program selection


Get back in the saddle!

REBOOT is programmed around lighter weights, lots of mobility drills and sub maximal strength training to get your body back in the game.

Leg strength

Having trouble standing up heavy squat cleans or snatches?

The Leg Strength program is biased towards squatting mechanics to help lifters limited by their leg strength. 


The ADVANCED program is for experienced lifters that want to take their weightlifting numbers to a new level by following a highly structured regimen.

Ready to make new PRs?

Power & Speed

Power & Speed is a weightlifting program, biased towards building power and speed.

This program is right for you if you struggle to generate sufficient power and/or move too slowly around the barbell.

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Mobility & Agility

Do you struggle to get into the correct positions?

This is a weightlifting program, biased towards improving your mobility and thereby your agility with the barbell.