'lift like omed' 

Leg strength

This is a weightlifting program, biased towards building leg strength. The program is right for you if your leg strength is the limiting factor in your weightlifting game. That you can power clean/snatch more than you can squat clean/snatch, is one indication that you need more strength and power in the legs.


The main focus is squatting mechanics, while there will be ample opportunity to transfer your increasing leg strength to the two main lifts throughout the course of the program. 


You should be able to finish all sessions in 80 minutes.


If you are in doubt whether this program is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for an assessment.


With the 3-days a week program you will get structure in your weightlifting training but still have time for other aspects of crossfit.


This is the program if you want to prioritize weightlifting and are willing to dedicate four full sessions per week

DKK 1000 /12 weeks

DKK 1250 /12 weeks