'lift like omed' 


This program is for experienced lifters that want to take their snatch- and clean & jerk numbers to a new level by following a highly structured regimen. There are lots of highly technical complexes and auxiliary lifts programmed, which is why this program is NOT for beginners. In order to reap the benefits of performing such demanding technical content, you simply have to be good at snatching, cleaning and jerking.


The program consists of three 4-week blocks, each with a specific purpose. The first block is highly technical, and intensity is thus at the lower end of the spectrum. During the second block, intensity is ramped up slightly and you will be doing lots of productive and facilitative complexes, in order to drill good habits into your movement pattern. In the third and conclusive block, we are going back to basics in order to put all the technical work done in the prior two blocks into practice. You will be doing lots of heavy full lifts and classic strength building accessory exercises and you will get the opportunity to test your progress in the two main Olympic lifts.


If you are in doubt whether this program is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for an assessment.


Train hard! - Omed Alam & The Norce Team



This 3-days per week version will provide the necessary structure to your weightlifting training but leave time for other aspects of

crossfit or life.



Choose this version if you want to prioritize weightlifting and are willing to dedicate four full sessions per week



Are you ready to go all in and take your weightlifting to a hole new level?

DKK 1000 / 12 weeks

DKK 1250 / 12 weeks

DKK 1500 / 12 weeks